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Milestone Rebranding

Milestone Rebranding

In the world filled with competitions, branding has always been an important aspect in business. Since 2003, Milestone offers fresh designs and ideas, as well as precise communication strategy to business to our notable clients.

While the business keeps evolving, companies and agencies also require adapting to sustain their existence. Being 15 years in the business surely has moved us on a whole next milestone of journey. Branding Consultant or Brand Agency is a trust business, reputation keeps an agency alive and growing throughout the years. As we go through the years of our journey, Milestone went under transformation. We came up with our newly developed identity. The logo used modified sans serif type font with black color emphasizing modernity and boldness. The ‘o’ letter is highlighted and represents a full circle, portraying wholeness and capabilities. The red color used is the same with Indonesian flag red color, symbolizing passionenergyand nationalism. Our new identity displays creativity and dynamism in the process of our work.

We may not be the biggest agency in Indonesia. We’d rather keep it humble and give out best creative ideas for our client requirement. We believe our team gives out the best brand experience for our clients with simple yet effective approach. As a brand agency, we’d like to think creatively, risk intelligently and work passionately. Creating ideas that build the fortunes of our clients is our main goals.

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