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The Significance of Brand Positioning

The Significance of Brand Positioning

Positioning breaks through barriers to create new openings in a market saturated with products and messages. Brand positioning takes advantage of shifts in demographics, technology, and consumer trends to find new ways of appealing to the public. In other words, brand positioning defines how a brand is different from its competitors and where it sits in customers’ minds. Most simply, positioning is “what you want your brand to be known for.” It is a couple of sentences to clearly define why and where your brand exists. A brand positioning statement is essential to develop brand essence and formulate a compelling brand story. 

It sounds simple, but definitely not easy, as evidenced by the many brands in the market today that are undifferentiated from the competition, either because they are trying to reach too many market segments or simply not communicating their benefits clearly.

To achieve a strong, clearly differentiated brand, your brand positioning ideally should have four things:

1.  Relevance. Your differentiation has to resonate well with the target audience’s current needs.

2.  Differentiation. Your competitors should not be able to make the same claim as you do.

3.  Delivery. The promises in your differentiation has to be actually delivered.

4.  Communication: You ought to have reliable amount of resources to communicate your position to the target market.

This is where a brand consultant can help you. Your branding consultant will start with a research to gather a focused understanding of the market, the target market, and the competitors. That means the branding agency you hire should be familiar and experienced with your company and your industry

To sum it up, brand positioning is difficult work, but the pay-off is obvious. Give us a call and we will be excited to work with you.