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Logo is The Face of Your Brand

Logo is The Face of Your Brand

There is a popular saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” We dare say the statement is false because that’s not how human perception works. Human optics works only in milliseconds to send impulse to the brain and create a perception of good or bad in just a glance. To the public, reasoning of logos is not a priority, as market only wants to see what pleases their eyes and they don’t overthink and plan the concept of a brand. But truth to be told, graphic designers devised numerous ideas to craft attractive logos for brands, whether it’s on initiation, development or rebranding phase.

Every colors, usage of font types, geometrical shapes, and other graphic elements involved hours of creative brainstorming. Designers created logos with wild imagination, but the developed logos have their own purpose to make a logo looks good and be easily remembered. Think of a brand as a human person. When a person looks good, people tend to perceive a good attitude and character of the person. People prefer good-looking logo as much as they like good-looking person.

Since logo is the face of the brand, it also represents how the brand communicates in its own way. Be it a simple or complex, colorful or black and white, a well-designed logo is a key to start a branding process. If in any case you need assistance in a logo for business, branding agency like Milestone could be easily your best option right now.