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Raising Your Brand Awareness

Raising Your Brand Awareness

In the past few years, especially when almost everything went digital, marketing and promotion methods also shifted into a more sophisticated way. Brand Awareness has also become a popular topic, where corporations and entrepreneurs are fighting over in a war of marketing to reach the top of mind.

Establishing a brand along with its awareness is a not just a competition, it is a race. Even though numbers of brand participated in the race, not many can keep up with it. Some even don’t have a single clue on where to start. So, how do you start building your brand awareness?

1. First thing first, do a research, whether a small or larger scale depending on your brand needs. Knowing your brand target market is one thing. However for newcomers, determining the market starting from demography and habits played vital role to develop brand awareness.

2. Next you need to create a “person” as brand representative, not just an automated and rigid corporate-like robot. Audiences need to see brand as an alive object with interactivity. Being said, the personality a brand built must be maintained to create a consistent image and voice.

3. The most powerful tool on brand awareness is content. There are various ways in capturing audience’s attention. One of them is by using creative or elegant captions and clickbaits, but for these days generation, infographics would work well since youth are used to and have high reliability on visuals.

4. Before taking actions, make sure your tangible products has good, or even better perfect look. By using a minimalist, well-designed, and meaningful logo on packaging and branding collaterals, along with great copywriting, you have created a brand with long lasting impression.

5. Customer service also functions as an important aspect in brand awareness. Since customers has the ability to fly out complains on internet, it would be wise for brands to give the best solution with quick response before bad reputation spreads in the Net.

The steps above are so simple yet so effective. However preparing a well-planned strategy for brand awareness will take some time. As a trusted brand agency, Milestone is always at your service in reaching your desired brand awareness.