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Brand DNA

Brand DNA

What does your brand stand for? Which values matter most to you? What do you care about, and why do you do what you do? These may seem like odd questions in a consumer-driven market. But if you aren’t sure, your customers won’t be sure either. All of the marketing strategy in the world cannot make up for a lack of identity. A brand’s spirit and personality, or Brand DNA,  makes up the true identity of any company.

A company's identity has a blueprint. That blueprint is itself formed by a variety of elements or building blocks. Among the most common:

Business models
Cool packaging

And so the he list goes on. A company's DNA is the organization of these elements into the blueprint that will define its identity. DNA is the foundation. It comes first. It is what defines everything about a company. DNA is not an afterthought.

Identity crafting and brand-building find their roots at the very core of an organization's DNA. For our work to be effective, the most important building block of a client company's DNA must be this: Its principals have to be completely committed to  and passionate about .
DNA also forms the building blocks of that thing we sometimes like to call company culture.

But back to the point: DNA isn't something you can easily change. As we've said before, it isn't an afterthought.

A company's DNA is in a very real sense its soul. Some are open to change. Most aren't.  Your brand isn't just a logo. It's what you're made of. It's your DNA. How your vision, mission, and values affect your relationships with your customers is the final element of a robust Brand DNA. This reaches beyond the product or service you provide, it's vital to the competitive strength of your business in the long term.

As your business or your industry grows and changes, your brand will probably need to evolve to keep up. You can always come back to these same foundational questions and strategies to refine your Brand DNA. Good Brand DNA helps you do just that by providing reference points for measuring your company’s clarity of vision and adherence to your mission. In the long run, maintaining a vibrant Brand DNA will go a long way in saving your business from extinction.

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