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Typography is an incredibly complex and fascinating topic. There have been scores of books and extensive research and study on the topic, some people making it their life’s work to explore and develop the art of typesetting and typeface design.

The importance of typography in our everyday life is often not appreciated to those outside the design industry. Typography is used in myriad realms, providing information, giving direction, communicating ideas and sharing knowledge through publication design, sign writing, contemporary art, packaging and labels, and branding.

When it comes to branding, designers use typography in a number of ways, whether it is using type in logo design, incorporating set typefaces as elements that define the brand through a style guide, or designing collateral and digital assets to communicate the brand.

Designers can use typography in advertising and branding to invoke a mood or communicate an idea. The typeface they choose is decided by shape, form and how the text appears on a page, based on characteristics such as dark­ness, con­trast, rhythm and texture (commonly referred to as color).

Typography can also be used as a decorative device, unrelated to communication of information. The typeface used can be hand-drawn by designers themselves and help to introduce the mood or theme of a brand.

Although typography has evolved significantly, especially with the introduction of computers and the digital age, it still retains a number of traditional techniques and for good reason. Two fundamental aspects of typography are legibility and readability. If a typeface is used with poor judgement of placement and context, this effects its legibility. The typeface chosen should be should be read without ruining our eyes.

There’s an astonishing array to choose from online but every typeface has its own unique history and you can use this to your advantage. However be aware that just because you can choose from a vast library doesn’t mean you have to; tried and tested fonts like Helvetica continue to serve us well.

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