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Why do brands have to work harder

Why do brands have to work harder

The way brands advertise has changed considerably, for the better. Brand effectiveness results in connecting emotionally to the customer with stimulating storytelling, which ultimately gains loyalty and trust. This is harder to achieve with just a billboard and a 30 second ad; it simply isn’t engaging enough. So how do you resonate in this digital age?

The way brands reach out to their customers has become more engaging in recent years. Building and sustaining consumer engagement requires a brand’s promise, experience and communications to be in perfect unity. Every marketer now knows that trust is eroded when a customer’s experience of a brand is at odds with its promise, but they must not lose sight of the vital role communications plays in how that promise is expressed and consumed in the marketplace.

So why do brands have to work harder? It’s to keep the trust and loyalty of their customer surely, but also to enrich their lives on multiple platforms and drive engagement. If you create a culture, people will want to be part of it. Ultimately, that’s how we see a successful brand working. As one of leading brand agency and brand consultant in Indonesia, Milestone is ready to contribute to your brand’s growth.