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The Importance of Brand Strategy

The Importance of Brand Strategy

At Milestone Integrated Marketing Solutions, we’re generally approached by two kinds of businesses: fresh-faced startups and corporations who need to shift their brand in some way to ensure they stay relevant in the marketplace. For either entity, there’s a deep commitment at-hand regarding how they’ll become who they intend to be when they “grow up.”

Some of the corporations that come to us simply never took the time to set their brand foundation in place. They didn’t understand who they were and, more importantly, why they were setting out on their chosen path - they just took the first few steps and let the momentum take the wheel. Often, there’s such a major push to bring in revenue during the early years of business that the idea of investing in something as intangible as branding just doesn’t make sense. So instead, they act instead of plan - without guidance, without knowing themselves.

This is why we’ve spent thousands of collective hours over the last decade educating entrepreneurs with their foot on the gas pedal to plot their destination before they hit the road. The fruits of brand labor, while not immediate, will be bountiful for those who invest in the brand process early on.

For those that don’t? Well, we’ve seen what eager businesses become without a good roadmap—each department drives a separate path and the unity of the brand is lost over time, having been pulled in an unnerving number of opposite directions. These businesses can’t possibly be delivering on their brand promise because they likely don’t understand who they are as a brand. The issue? There is no brand strategy in place.

The great news is that what once was lost can be found. It’s never too late for a brand to grow into its skin at a later date. Through Milestone strategic thinking and foresight, a singular focus can be realized and a unified identity for a brand can be developed. By replacing “reactive” with “proactive” a brand’s objectives and destinations become much clearer, helping business to grow and culture to flourish.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to help you understand your reason for being, or you need to restructure your brand a bit, give us a buzz and we’ll be more than happy to help!