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Naming a Brand

Naming a Brand

When thinking about brand strategy, naming is essential. It will help establish your brand identity and help ensure you are not confused with your competitors. But have all the good business names been taken?

Amongst other things a good name identifies who you are so you’re not mistaken for someone else. It can, although not always, say something about what you do, but it certainly says something about what you stand for. 

So what makes up a brand good name?

It has to be easy to say, which is not too hard to achieve.

It must be easy to remember, which can be a little more difficult.

And it needs to be distinctive. This is the tricky part!

However, the solution to this isn’t always in the name itself. All of which brings us to the role of graphic design, as a name can be made memorable by the way it’s treated graphically.

So, have all the good business names been used up? Not by any means but a good name is more than a name. Yes some minimum requirements need to be met – easy to say and remember. But what elevates a name is its visual appearance and what takes it to yet another level are the positive brand associations that customers develop through their experience of the brand. All of which means good names aren’t created overnight. They have to fight to be noticed, they have to deliver consistently and they need to look the part. Rest assures that Milestone Integrated Marketing Solutions can help! Contact us now if you need assistance for naming your brand or business.