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New Trend of Digital Agency In Jakarta, Indonesia

New Trend of Digital Agency In Jakarta, Indonesia

As the development of Information Technology is rapidly increasing, now there is a new trend called Digital Agency.
What is a digital agency?
Digital agency may not sound familiar to us, it is a new modeling agency that begins to evolve in digital era.

A digital agency is a business that delivers services for the creative and technical development of internet based products. These services range from the more generalist such as web design, e-mail marketing and micro-sites etc. to the more specialist such as viral campaigns, banner advertising, search engine optimization, podcasting or widget development, etc

We are often familiar with the terms advertising agency, the agency that helps company to introduce their product / brand through print media, banner, or television. Digital Agency also helps company to introduce their product / brand, but the media used is shifting towards digital – such as websites, applications, social media marketing, search engines marketing, search engine optimization and other digital platforms.

Digital Agency is not Advertising Agency

In fact, digital agency is not an advertising agency. Advertising Agency is mainly dealing with print media. While most of digital agency is dealing with the internet and digital campaign. Advertising agency earns the income through ad placement in various media not from the work itself. While digital agency generally earns the income through creative services and more technical work to suit the client's own goals.

Digital Agency is considered to be more effective than the advertising agency, in addition of relatively low budget,digital agency also provides more highly impact , effectiveness and benefits than advertising agency does. By using digital media, the company is able to market and promote the products to their target market without any restriction.

Digital Agency is not just a web design company

The difference between Web Design Company and digital agency is Digital Agency has deep expertise in good web design. A Digital Agency truly understands the client’s needs, and has all the resources to meet the needs of client through an online multi-platform campaign.
Now, for more detail what is the advantage of using Digital Agency, let’s read the explanation below.

  1. Digital Marketing Agency is reliable in online market product. A good digital agency is the agency that has long experience in dealing with online business, so it is possible to give best advice for our business online development. To know the experienced Digital Agency, we can see the portfolio and also testimonials from clients who have used the agency services.
  2. Digital Marketing Agency is able to create a website with user-friendly search engine. In the making of company’s website, it can’t be done carelessly – as it relates to the corporate’s identity. Website is like our wall, if the layout is not attractive enough for the consumers, they will instantly switch to another interesting website. It means we lose the opportunity to sell our products. However, the attractive website will not always guarantee the costumers’ finding on your website if it is hard to find on search engines.
  3. Digital Marketing Agency will help establish the effective communication to consumers, it will increase the awareness of our products and services. How to run an effective communication and create positive interaction with consumers is one of the digital marketing expertise, they can also help you to construct a qualified newsletter for your customers that will be sent through their email every month.

Smart business means knowing that working with digital agency is an effective option by looking at the progressive of digital world development. Digital agency has both technical business, creative and strategy to help the growth of every brand.

How about your online business? Well, those of you who are still lost in the terms of digital agency, through Milestone you will learn a lot of things about digital agency. We are one of the largest digital agency located in Jakarta, Indonesia.