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The Power Of Branding

The Power Of Branding

What is a Brand?

A brand is a set of associations that a person (or group of people) makes with a company, product, service, individual, organization or destination. These associations may be intentional – that is, they may be actively promoted via marketing and corporate identity, for example – or they may be outside the company’s control. For example, a poor press review for a new product might harm the product manufacturer’s overall brand by placing negative associations in people’s minds.

If a brand results from a set of associations and perceptions in people’s minds, then branding is an attempt to harness, generate, influence and control these associations to help the business perform better. Any organization can benefit enormously from creating a brand that presents the company as distinctive, trusted, exciting, reliable or whichever attributes are appropriate to that business. A lesser known fact about brands is that even countries have a brand value associated with them, and that these brand values are of great importance to each country’s net worth.

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