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Panorama Group is a leading & integrated group of companies and brands with over 45 years of experience in delivering a wide diversity of leisure services. Living up to their reputation as the most dynamic and innovative group in the travel and leisure industry in Indonesia, Panorama Group has joined workforce with the prestigious JTB Group, the largest travel agency in Japan and one of the largest travel agencies in the world. Combining these strengths, Panorama JTB Tours has honed the local-foreign expertise to broaden their reach and demolish barriers in serving various customer segments in the travel and leisure field.

Some of their biggest challenges are meticulously segmenting the audiences to make sure there are no clash or duplication in products and services both companies provided, as well as keeping the customers, employees and the media fully informed of the transition between the old and the new brands.

This is when Milestone came in to the picture. Our main task was aligning the existing products and services into a cohesive brand story. We began by conducting researches and arranging in-depth interviews with the company’s key people to gain a thorough understanding of the cultures, aspirations and core values of both Panorama Group and JTB Group. The collected data were used to develop a robust strategic positioning and design the written plus the visual identity.

Written identity includes unique tone of voice to elicit a deeper emotional connection with each market segment, while visual identity comprises interconnected imagery design and textual contents across all touchpoints. A Brand Bible was then composed to provide a comprehensive manual and ensure consistent applications of the brand and its components. Panorama JTB Tours now empowered with a timeless essence to be a travel agency powerhouse and lead the travel and leisure industry in Indonesia