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Fika Coffee

Fika Coffee

Sampoerna Retail Community

Re-Branding, Strategic Planning, Advertising, Collaterals, Mobile Apps, Website and Digital Campaign

In collaboration with Milestone, Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC), the biggest traditional retail store chain in Indonesia, composed their rebranding purpose and campaign strategy. The works chiefly involve reanalyzing the brand identity, rewriting the brand statement, redesigning its logo, and relaunching the brand. One of the main challenges was to accommodate the need of store owners to have their stores refreshed modern while maintaining their classic and familiar look. Consisting of more than 100.000 traditional retail stores across the country, SRC aimed for higher awareness which the status quo did not work.

Sampoerna needed to increase the extent to which customers recall SRC as a brand. In aiming this, SRC needed to take the first step. It was to produce a new logo that is well-pronounced with new deliverables only while maintaining its local identity.  The idea was not to compete against the modern retail stores, but to firmly established the name of SRC as its own, one that people could relate to Indonesian traditional retail stores in general. That was why the rebranding process involved a deep and far-reaching analysis of brand personality at the current stage and the upcoming one. It was another challenge to rebuild the foundation of an existing brand that required more than redefining what had existed. The demand was to reanalyze the brand as a whole, in which multiple adjustments needed, especially for the target market as well as potential target market.

Since its reputation and visibility are quite established, the project with SRC definitely did not start small. It started big, and it meant the works demanded were extensive and large-scale. It required a one-year campaign strategy fostering its rebranding process covering digital presence and engagement as well as activation. The works were detail including every single activity to come for 2019 and are still expanding as the year goes.