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Influencers for Brands

26 September 20

Influencer has become our everyday's keywords, especially during the past few years. On many different platforms and social media, there are certain people we would call influencers. From Twitter, YouTube, Instagram to Facebook, people with a high number of followers who choose to market their online persona use their platforms for business. Usually they have their own niche, from fashion to travel, cars to outdoor sports. Some portray their everyday life, and many go the extra miles to prepare better by creating contents viewers expect to see. This is definitely exciting. Everyday there are hundreds or thousand new contents, and everyday there are people whose lives are "influenced" by these influencers.

This is clearly a marketing opportunity, and brands, if necessary, should not miss this. Influencers for brands is not a must, but could help brands to advance further. Joel Matthew, President of Fortress Consulting Group, in his Understanding Influencer Marketing And Why It Is So Effective for Forbes, explained that influencers had become a solution for brands to reach out to the target audience over various forms of media. Brands, through influencers, could locate and advertise their products/services directly to their target market. Not to mention, the amount of trust received by a brand would be higher when there are people, like those influencers, speak on behalf of them. What is important is to be sure that they are the right people to, in a way, represent your brand.

This could be a little tricky. To determine which influencers among many who have the right branding appropriate for your brand would be a huge work. It is one thing to make people see themselves in a brand, it is another to make them see themselves in other people speaking for a brand. Making the wrong choice would be unnecessary. This is why collaborating with brand agencies or consultants, like Milestone, would be a big help. They would go in depth and list which influencers you should go with, making it easier and less risky for you to take action.