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Media as Part of Branding

23 December 20

Utilizing media as part of your brand strategy needs to consider its effectiveness. Understanding the platform your customers use to communicate is important in creating your brand strategy. It is needed to reach the customers and stay connected with them. As one of the leading branding agencies in Indonesia, Milestone acknowledges that there are three types of media a brand can take advantage from.

First, there is print media. Newspapers and magazines are included in this type. The key principles in using print media as part of your branding strategy is the consistency of your brand’s logo, colors, images, fonts, typography, and message. Customers are going to see the visual first. It is crucial to design your printed media with details and make sure the principles align with the message you want to deliver to your customers.

Another media a brand can utilize is broadcast media. This media includes televisions, radios, and movies. Broadcast media allows your brand to stay connected with your customers from local to national wide. Brands who choose broadcast media as part of their strategy also need to consider the watch time of their customers. It is important to understand the viewability of the targeted customers.

Social media is the last type, one of the most important branding tools for today. The reason is because customers also rely on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to seek for information. Your brand is able to upload contents such as videos and pictures as part  of your brand strategy on the mentioned social media. The platform allows your brand to choose your targeted customers. 

According to Mart Ots, an associate professor of Jönköping International Business School, Sweden, the brand equity built between a media and its customers will have an impact on how a brand perceived the convenience of using the said media. The impacts are the increase of brand awareness, customer brand attitudes, and customer perception of brand ethics. The three types of media give a brand chances to interact with their customers on different mediums. Either print, broadcast, or social media, brands need to keep in mind for their campaigns to be successful, they have to stay creative and know their consumer trends.