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2021 Trends for Brands to Consider

26 March 21

Branding helps your business to be differentiated from other names. It is not only about identifying your products or services, but is also about creating a positive impression and experience. Your customers understand your business better through branding. Milestone, an award-winning branding agency in Indonesia, takes note on three new trends for brands to stay updated with their markets.

The first one are micro-influencers. They are influencers who own 10.000-100.000 followers, often considered as opinion leaders. The audience of micro-influencers has a stronger engagement. Review of products or services by a micro-influencer is seen as more personal, real, and honest. Research conducted by Dr. Jonah Berger from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania stated that influencers were seen as more credible, knowledgeable, and better at describing products. Working together with micro-influencers will help your brand to gain more awareness and reach potential customers.

The next trend is visual content, such as logos, videos, or infographics. Visual content of a brand stimulates faster reactions from customers, as 90% of the information that will be transmitted to the brain is visual. They are easier and more effective to understand for customers. The Cisco Visual Networking Index predicted, in 2021, 82% of internet traffic consumers worldwide would be from videos. Creating a story with visuals helps your brand gain more engagement. Visual storytelling gives authentic feelings of a brand. Customers have the chance to know what is happening behind their products or the brand itself. This will strengthen the relationship between the brand and its customers. 

Last but not least, brands also have to pay attention to online communities. It allows customers to have discussion about, give reviews of, and share tips on products. An example of a brand who has a creative online community is Lego, called Lego Ideas. It is a place for lego enthusiasts, where they can send their ideas and compete their works with others. The platform gives a chance for popular ideas to be sold at the market. Lego Ideas is a good example of an online community for a brand to keep their customers interested with the product.  Online activities by customers will help brands to increase their credibility. It is a must for brands to keep improving themselves. In order to keep the close relation a brand has with their customers, the brand has to know the needs of their customers. Following the current trends provides a picture for companies to develop their strategies.