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Creating Strong Brand Positioning

01 November 21

The key to standing out in the market is through strong brand positioning. Brand positioning is the strategy a business takes to be memorable and something unique to audiences. Strong positioning would keep rival brands out from the success of your brand and help you to stand apart in the competitive market. To ensure your brand’s strong positioning, take the steps below and ask yourself the following questions. 

First, get to know your brand on a deeper level. How is your brand currently positioning itself? What summarizes your brand in its entirety? Does it target the mass market or a niche audience? Most importantly, why and how do customers stay loyal to your brand? Start by exploring your brand to its basics and identifying not only what it sells but why it exists, what it stands for, alongside the benefits it offers. 

Afterward, recognize and research your brand’s competitors. See the gaps and opportunities they haven’t provided and that you can incorporate into your brand. You can choose to compete with them further through better service and communicating your trustworthiness, or you can take a different approach to embrace the audiences they haven’t reached. You can stand out as a luxury brand amid the mass-market segment or be fresh and fun, differing from competitors with serious reputations. Hence, knowing your competitors can help you to decide the best positioning for your brand. 

Lastly, formulate a simple phrase that captures all of the above. Don’t be afraid to write multiple sentences to choose from, as it can be challenging to find the right and specific words that describe your business. The simple phrase selected can also be the tagline that announces the uniqueness of your brand to the world.

As such, dig deep into your brand, get to know your competitors, and capture your unique selling propositions to have strong brand positioning. Show the world what makes your brand different and what makes it remarkable. With the help of a reliable and experienced branding consultant, your brand would have a strong position in its market. Trust the service of Milestone, we are ready to assist all your branding needs.