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Defining What Your Brand Stands For

18 July 22

A strong brand goes beyond an eye-catching logo, visual identity, and the products or services it sells. Brands should rely on a set of values that supports the reason for their existence and guides their every step. Audiences also bond with others sharing the same values, including entities like brands. Hence, read on to see the three steps your brand can take in choosing its values. 

First, get to know your customers, what they need, and what motivates them. “The strength of a brand is partly determined” by how it represents its customers’ values. Brands like Lego align their values to the needs of their market to provide relevant products or services and influence their purchasing behavior. Targeting children, Lego heralds imagination, fun, creativity, caring, learning, and quality as their brand values and the base of creating their products. 

After uncovering the values of your target market, select the traits for your business to focus on. Brands would choose around three to ten values from a selection of principles their markets find vital, discovering what matters the most. Microsoft is a brand that does this, selecting three values their customers adhere to and representing them throughout every business step. Prioritizing the need of their users for reliable technology, Microsoft provides trust and showcases respect, integrity, and accountability as their corporate values.

Lastly, never waver from the brand values you chose. Showcase your values in every part of the branding process and constantly communicate them to your target market. Nike succeeds in gaining traction by translating its values (which include being innovative and influential) to the slogan “Just Do It” available in every part of its branding. Your business can also consistently deliver its values through its visual identity and various marketing activities.

By sharing values with customers, standing for what’s important alongside staying consistent, your brand will distinguish itself in the market and attract more attention. Your business will have a base that can be translated into every step of the branding process. To decide on the best values representing your business, you would need the help of an experienced branding agency. Enlist the service of Milestone: we are ready to assist in determining your brand values.