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Happy Vesak To You

06 May 20

On the full moon of this month, we celebrate Vesak Day. As we recall the Buddha and his teachings, which still stands today as a way of Enlightenment, we are reminded of the process of living as one in harmony.

Today in these trying times it has become more important for us to see life as an act of concentrated and contemplative mind. We see life in its cause-and-effect nature, providing us a sense of purpose and responsibility. We live, we accept.

This Vesak Day, it is for us to see how we are not capable of doing all the good the world needs. The world, however, needs all the good we could do. All it requires is a clear conscience. Help others, treat them with kindness as you would have them do to you. Pass this on to others, this is a message of service and solidarity we need to be reminded of.

Milestone sends warm wishes to all celebrating the Vesak Day.