Making Brands Work

Rooted in creativity & intention,
we evolve a strategy for your business.

We are Indonesia’s branding agency creating brands which are built to last.

  • Philosophy

In one’s life, a milestone is a turning point. It marks an important event, impactful and nothing less, which is anything, but to ignore. Your brand is one milestone, how it grows is more. When we present ourselves as MILESTONE, it is you we refer to.

For every work we do with you, for every collaboration between our team and yours, it is a milestone for us. You are our MILESTONE, and that is where we begin.

  • History

The year was 2003 when we started finding solutions for brands. It began with a purpose of effective creativity set up in a rented garage space. Yes, you read it right - MILESTONE first started in a garage. From the outset, we differentiated ourselves from others by providing a fully comprehensive branding service. We are not a big agency, and we do not act like one. That means we appreciate each project we work on, every client we work with. This is our story, and is where you have become part of it.

  • Vision

To think creatively, risk intelligently & work passionately

  • Mission

Creating ideas that build the fortunes of our clients

Our Values


Our enthusiasm is what sets us apart. We are fascinated to see how your brand moves forward.


Enterprising have we always been. Changing tack is how we make ideas work.


It is to distill without losing essence, no one wants it complicated.


Our work and creativity respond to change, adapt to the market.

Brand Xperience™ Steps

  • 1. Discovery

    Let’s talk about your brand! We would love to hear the stories behind, the philosophy, and the goals!

  • 2. Insights

    Research matters as much as creativity does, that’s how we roll here. Understanding your brand would involve some industry forecast, making market analysis based on past and present data.

  • 3. Strategy

    Our forward-looking approach is how we devise and pursue a strategy, drawing up plans to meet your objectives. This is our answer to “what’s next?”.

  • 4. Implementation

    Neat and practical solutions are what we aim for. We make certain all the ideas and resources we tap translate well into the right designs and marketing channels.

  • 5. Evaluation

    Consistency has always been key. Steps taken are to take your brand where it deserves to be. Once it is, maintaining what is built is essential.



Our +15 years of experience has led us to Brand Consultancy of the Year
by World Brand Congress in Global Brand Excellence Awards and by Marketing Interactive in Agency of the Year Awards.


Our Clients

Our approach to business is one of collaboration, inclusion and partnership.
These are just a few of the great clients that we have been fortunate to work with over the years.

HM Sampoerna
Bank BTN
Panorama JTB
Kansai Paint
MG Group
Liberta Hotels
Ando Footwear
BFI Finance
Sour Sally Group
Swiss Contact Wisata
Waskita Realty
Francis Artisan Bakery
Beacon Academy
Gria Group