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We do everything you expect, and probably a whole lot more.

What We Do

We have all the capabilities of a fully integrated ad agency but are different in that we focus on building long-term business value for our clients. We do this by working with clients to foster a deep understanding of their business drivers and strategic vision. We believe that when businesses plan for the future, they’re much more likely to succeed today. And often that future starts with a simple, beautiful and actionable big idea. Big ideas lead to the right work, the great work, and the largest results.

  • Branding

    At the heart of every great brand is a great story. Our brand strategists take brands apart and put them back together as stories, with all the elements and dynamics they need to be told compellingly. Your brand is shorthand for what you and your service stand for.

    Stories are visual as well as verbal, and your identity is an essential part of communicating who you are and what you stand for. Our creative are experienced in distilling brand stories into beautiful and memorable symbols, palettes and typography. We understand the nuances of brand architecture, sub-brand strategies, digital deployment and all the other technical considerations that stand between good and great.

    • Brand / Corporate / Product Identity

    • Naming & Tagline

    • Manuals & Guidelines

    • Brand & Communication Strategy

    • Brand Architecture

    • Packaging

    • Environmental Signage Systems

    • Patent Registration / Trademark

  • Advertising

    We make things that surprise and delight the world. But our focus is also on helping clients tackle their business problems, not just their advertising challenges. From TV commercials, Print advertisement to Radio commercials, we can do them all for you. Working within a client’s budget, we are experts at stretching your Rupiah to get you the best ad. Our team applies new ideas and fresh thinking to create a campaign theme and a creative strategy to meet your advertising objectives. We manage your project, your campaign and produce exceptional results.

    • Strategic Planning

    • TV Commercials

    • Print Advertising

    • Radio Advertising

    • On line Advertising

    • Billboard

  • Graphic Design

    Milestone boasts the very best group of designers working in the industry today. Our unique agency culture attracts like-minded, deep thinking design professionals who understand the role they play in communicating brands, messages and brand values. Our designers take their work seriously and work tirelessly to give clients what they need to educate, entertain and influence their audience. Some of the most considered brands, campaigns and design work have been produced at Milestone and projected around the country in both traditional offline media and ever increasingly online and to smart devices. We do incredible work on a tight deadline.

    • Company Profile

    • Annual Reports

    • Marketing Collaterals

    • Brochures, Flyers and Catalogues

    • Calendar

    • Invitations

    • Newsletter

  • Digital

    Digital platforms are today’s storybooks. But they don’t just contain stories; they make them richer, more powerful and easier to share. To make full use of these dynamic channels, you need a clearly plotted digital strategy. We construct digital frameworks that build collaborative relationships with your target audiences, supporting your business strategy and objectives. Our ability to understand the customer’s perspective and translate this understanding to an online environment sets us aside from our competition and our website application framework is second-to-none when it comes to scalability, performance and ease of management. We combine strategy, creativity and technology to breathe life into your brand's digital eco-system.

    • Website Design & Development

    • Microsites

    • E- Commerce

    • Mobile

    • Social Media Strategy & Implementation

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Search Engine Marketing

    • Facebook Ads

    • Google Adwords

    • Games & Applications

    • Email Marketing

    • Viral Campaign

  • Media

    Online, offline, and social media channels are no longer pioneer territory, they are now the norm. As our client you can be absolutely sure that your message gets placed in the most effective media environment each and every time. Unlike dealing directly with media brands, by partnering with us for your media buying and placement you have every available media recommended and on hand to project your message. We will provide you with a full through-the-line integrated media strategy, incorporating all communication channels from traditional above-the-line media, to digital media and on the ground activations.

    • Media Strategy

    • Media Planning & Media Buying

    • Media Analysis

  • Production

    We'll empower and equip you with everything you need in order to meet your success. We produce exceptional results on time and on budget every time. We closely manage the entire development process, accurately controlling costs and scheduling. With over a decade of experience helping companies communicate their brand and message to their audience, Milestone can help your company cost effectively produce a good printing production, corporate video profiles, animations, motion graphics, interactive and other production materials that delivers the results you're looking for. No project is too large or small, and we work with clients of all sizes from just about every industry imaginable. Our team will help you capture your big idea and create it in a way that inspires people take action.

    • Printing Production

    • Video Profile & Presentation

    • Animation & Motion Graphics

    • Interactive & Multimedia

    • Photography

  • Research

    Research is a key element of successful branding at all stages of brand development, from developing image and positioning strategies, to measuring brand commitment. With broad methodological experience, we uncover real insights using a huge range of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Innovation is one of our core values. We are always exploring and developing better, quicker, more exciting, more enjoyable, more insightful and more cost effective ways of making a difference. We are young, creative and engage in research projects that produce reliable, relevant and actionable results.

    • Qualitative Research

    • Quantitative Research

    • Consumer Behavior Research

    • Focus Group Discussions

    • Advertising Research


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