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Branding for Healthcare

08 March 21

In order for healthcare companies to stay in today's business, branding becomes necessary. A brand for healthcare means a promise to their patients they will give the treatment needed. Healthcare branding has to address trust, equity, and patients’ positive experiences. Then, why is healthcare branding important? As the leading branding agency in Indonesia, Milestone has the right answers.

Richard K. Thomas in his book “Marketing Health Services” expected that the competition between healthcare organizations will be continued and increased. Knowing this, healthcare companies need to identify their steps for branding. First, building trust is the key between the relationship of a company and its customers. Same goes for the healthcare business. Healthcare branding helps companies to establish trust with their patients. They have to assure the patients that they can rely on their products and services. Brands with good track records and well known reputation provide more comfort. When a patient is about to let a doctor check their body, for sure they need to trust that the treatment is safe. 

Healthcare branding also helps companies to communicate their differences with others. It is not only about the logo identity, but also the branding message which includes the vision and mission, philosophy, and personality. To separate a health company from the others, it can start with creating a brand story that relates to the patients. Healthcare branding should be personalized. The story helps in creating an emotional connection with them. 

As a final point, when a healthcare company has strong branding, it will shape the patients’ experience in a positive way. In the healthcare business, patients’ experience is really important. It is a must to make sure that the brands deliver their promises and meet the expectations. Patients’ experience is not only during treatments, but also pre-treatment when they open the website of the healthcare and after treatment. To give the best service to the patients, healthcare companies have to find out their needs by doing interviews or surveys.

Clear brand identity, relatable storytelling, and personalized services are several things that make healthcare branding successful. Healthcare companies have to be consistent in every element as well. From Milestone perspectives, consistency is vital for the patients to develop reliability in their minds when it comes to the brand.  By being consistent, the trust and positive experiences from the patients will follow.