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The Importance of Brand Consistency

16 March 21

Brand consistency requires commitment. It is a process of communication conducted by a brand to deliver its message. It consists of presenting the brand values, logo, or colors similarly. If a brand fails to deliver consistency, there is a chance they will be forgotten. It is because as brand consistency is done repetitively, the brand elements are rooted within the customers' minds so they will remember your brand. Milestone, as one of the leading brand consultants in Indonesia, believes brand consistency is about familiarity and trust. To know more about the importance of brand consistency, we take NIKE as an example. 

First, take a look at NIKE’s brand promise. NIKE’s brand promise is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete. It’s incredibly important because consistency in itself is also a brand promise you are always delivering on. NIKE shows their brand promise consistently through their advertisements where they show athletes or sports activities. They also created commercials that align with their promise. With them being persistent with their brand promise, the customers are aware of their services and products, and thus know what to expect from the brand.

For the customers to trust you, they have to know you first. NIKE exhibits the same consistency through its slogan. The famous “Just Do It” slogan has been used since 1988 and is still a crucial part of their campaigns. As it is consistent, customers are well-known that the slogan belongs to them. The slogan’s purpose is in line with their brand promise, which is to inspire their customers to push their limits and open for innovation. It is memorable, catchy, and appeals to a large audience.

Last but not least, brand consistency by NIKE is their logo. The progress of the customers remember, trust, and decide to purchase your brand’s products takes time and repetition. For NIKE, its iconic “swoosh” logo was created in 1971. Until now, they are still using the logo in all of their products and advertisements. Today, The Swoosh is the most recognized brand logo in the world. The logo represents many aspects in life that people strive for, such as innovation, winning, and authenticity.

Brand consistency results in trust and loyalty among customers. As customers instantly recognize the brand, it helps them to understand your brand personality. Once a brand gets the trust of their customers, it will be easier to convince them to purchase the products or services.