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Finding the new name for your brand

05 July 21

Renaming your brand is essential to undergo when faced with the urgent need to change. Maybe your brand needs to rejuvenate, be in line with your new brand position, or even switch course due to legal issues. Your new brand name should be unique, memorable, and wholly represent the essence of your brand. Read on to find out the dos and don'ts in finding the new right name for your brand. 

What to do:

Emphasize the essence, personality, and position of your brand. A brand name should enhance the value and personality of its brand as it is the “base of awareness” for target audiences. Kraft Foods: a famous snack and confectionery company, changed its brand name into Mondelez: a Latin variation of the word “delicious”, to capture the delicacy of its products. An experienced brand agency like Milestone would be able to assist you in brainstorming new and iconic names from the elements, benefits, and feelings of your brand. 

Discuss the top name contenders with your internal team and key stakeholders. Keeping your internal team and key stakeholders in the loop would make them feel valued, included, and in turn, strengthen their loyalty towards your brand. The renaming process would run more smoothly with their approval. Additionally, their advice and opinion would also help to decide a name that could push your brand to success. 


Do not limit the scope and growth of your new brand name. Avoid using location names and specifically describing your target demographic or product. A brand name such as “the Jakarta Bike Rental” would prove troublesome if your brand expands to provide other products or services and goes global. With a name that uses the mentioned elements, the brand might even need another renaming process. 

Embrace a new name that represents your brand wholly, is approved by the key personnel of your brand, and allows your brand to grow. As your brand undergoes change and growth, support it with a new and unique name to boost its sales and popularity. Trust Milestone, the leading brand agency in Indonesia to assist your brand renaming journey with the dos and don'ts above!