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The Dimensions Of Brand Personality

28 November 21

With personalities, brands communicate and emotionally connect with their audiences. Brands are humanized with particular traits to be relatable and unique in the competitive market. There are five dimensions of brand personalities: Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness. Each brand could take on a personality dimension that correlates with what they stand for. Read on to know more and identify the traits that suit your brand the most.

Although every brand strives to be sincere, the sincerity dimension consists of down-to-earth, honest, wholesome, and cheerful brands. As a family-friendly brand, Disney delivers sincerity through pleasing its customers with magical experiences and compelling communication. The dimension is also popular amongst hospitality and FMCG brands that wish to emphasize their earnestness in providing products/services for the needs of their customers.

Excitement aligns with brands that are daring, spirited, and imaginative. To appear cool and exciting, youthful companies and sportswear brands adopt the traits of excitement into their branding elements alongside collaterals. With a bold slogan and celebrity athlete endorsements, Nike has an exciting and confident personality that resonates with the individuals dedicated to health alongside fitness.

Competent brands showcase their reliability, intelligence, and success. Favored by brands in the financial, healthcare, and corporate industries, the traits of competency helps businesses to show their professionalism as well as quality. Volvo also centers its personality throughout competency: building a reputation as one of the safest car brands. By communicating the excellence of their features clearly, Volvo gains the trust of its customers and assures them of its reliable automobiles.

The sophistication dimension embraces brands that are upper-class, refined, and charming. Luxury fashion brands often adopt this personality dimension, appealing to those who enjoy the finer things in life. Drawing sophistication from its creativity and simplicity, luxury brands connect with their potential customers through elegant advertisements and an exclusive tone of voice.

Lastly, rugged brands portray themselves as adventurous, outdoorsy, and tough. Masculine brands gravitate to this dimension, ranging from vehicle brands to businesses related to construction. Jeep, a sport utility vehicle brand, attracts those who crave off-road adventures by embodying the traits of ruggedness. Jeep emphasizes its rugged nature through supporting imagery, colors, and a fearless brand voice, attracting the target audience they desire.

In short, various brands can refer to the dimensions of Aaker in deciding their brand personality traits. Family-friendly companies prefer sincerity and competence, luxury brands sophistication, and bold businesses excitement or ruggedness. To choose the right personality dimension for your brand, feel free to give Milestone a call!