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Building Brand Mascots

02 July 22

Creating a brand mascot is a great way to build a corporate identity and generate attention from the public. Like logos and other design elements, brand mascots are vital to the brand identity. Mascots are characteristic figures that help express brand personality and cause audiences to identify, remember, and understand the brand. To be visually effective, the vehicles or mascots must be properly designed and satisfy both the viewer’s preferences and perceptions. Hence, Milestone will tell you about the benefits you can get from using mascots for your brand. 

Brand mascots tell a brand story effectively. With humanized characters, facial expressions, gestures, and even voices, they are better at communicating how the brand came to be and appealing to audiences. A mascot can also narrate your brand's commitment to a cause that customers also care about. 

Mascots build deeper connections with audiences. Taking the form of anything from an object, or animal, to superhero figures, they can be a powerful medium to interact and connect with people. Audiences also often get attached to engaging characters like Mickey Mouse of Walt Disney Company, adding value and relevance to your brand mascot. 

Lastly, they help to shape a unique brand identity. Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, became the brand’s mascot, helping the brand to promote itself as warm and passionate in cooking their customers delicious food. Your brand mascot, as unique as it will be, will also help to create a brand identity that will stand out and be easily remembered. 

Giving your brand the spotlight and followers it deserves is a delicate and brain-teasing activity. However, mascots can help your brand appeal more to audiences by telling your story, engaging and building deeper connections, alongside shaping your unique brand identity. Milestone offers our design expertise and marketing wisdom, the perfect combination to creating your mascots and boosting business growth. Talk to our experts today to find the right solutions to your business needs.