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Spark Your Brand Movement

01 September 22

Brands move to become more human every day, going beyond simple transactions and providing quality products or services. Not only do brands rely on campaigns to interact with audiences, but brands also utilize movements to garner deeper connections and grow radically. Brand movements “can live in the hands of consumers” as they shed awareness of social issues and invite others to champion change. In developing your meaningful brand movement, Milestone can assist your every step with the following criteria.

What is the change your business wants to make? Does your brand recognize there’s something we need to take action against or a belief/norm that has proven detrimental to society? Dove launched the “Real Beauty” movement to encourage women to embrace their beauty, starting with billboard advertisements of models having different skin colors and body shapes. With a brand movement, your business can also cause positive change in society.

Who is your target audience, and what do they value? Some brands would have a particular segment it focuses on. Still, others like Airbnb open themselves to everyone who would like to enjoy their services. Airbnb values customers from all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, disability, and religion. To express this and fight discrimination against Muslim travelers in the US, they launched the “#WeAccept” movement in 2017.

What is the purpose your customers can join in? Humanize your brand by supporting a cause the target market values and invite audiences to join in. Lifebuoy wanted to prevent 2 million children from dying every year before their 5th birthday due to illnesses caused by poor hygiene. The company taught people to wash hands, documenting it through video and welcoming people to support the “Help a Child Reach Five” movement.

As such, brand movements would help your business impact society, catalyze change, connect with audiences, and even invite them to join your cause. Brand movements humanize your business since it correlates with people’s values and shows compassion. To discover more, you will need the help of an experienced branding agency. Milestone is always here to assist all your branding needs!