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Create Impact with Brand Relevance

27 October 22

When it comes to branding, there is one crucial factor to consider. Aside from brand image, awareness, and preferences, brand relevance becomes one of the critical factors for winning the market. Brand relevance is a business's ability to connect with people's emotions and become personally relevant to them. To spark an emotional connection, a brand should understand what matters to its customers and how the brand should communicate it. Tolak Angin is an example of a brand that successfully becomes the top of mind of the Indonesian herbal medicine industry due to its product relevance.

Produced by PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk, popularly known as Sido Muncul, Tolak Angin has changed the image of herbal medicine, which was once considered traditional, into a modern medicinal product. Being packaged in a contemporary sachet, Tolak Angin is easy to carry and is safe for long-term consumption. Through its famous slogan "Orang Pintar, Minum Tolak Angin (Smart People, Drink Tolak Angin)", Tolak Angin communicates that people can consume herbal medicine products smartly and efficiently.

Tolak Angin is available in several variants, such as Tolak Angin Flu, Tolak Angin Batuk (for cough), Tolak Angin Anak (for children), Tolak Angin Sugar-Free, and Tolak Angin candy. Additionally, since Indonesians are highly attached to Tolak Angin, this product provokes their creativity in making innovative Tolak Angin mixes, such as Tolak Angin mixed with coffee or iced soda and brewed with hot water. This phenomenon reflects how Tolak Angin has successfully presented its benefits through a rational and clear message that inspires people to explore many ways to enjoy the product with their creativity.

To expand the brand's relevancy, Tolak Angin has also succeeded in capturing the hearts of millennials by sponsoring a music event entitled "Tolak Pulang" at the Jakarta Block Party in 2020, which presents five music stages of various genres. The event provided Tolak Angin products by hanging them on the trees as the welcome kit for the audience, conveying that Tolak Angin not only can be consumed when people catch a cold but also before they start their activities. Tolak Angin can maintain immune systems while the audience is doing hectic activities.

Tolak Angin understands how to build meaningful relationships with its consumers and knows how to connect with people across generations. In conclusion, brands should focus on their relevancies by abandoning preference-based rivalry and concentrating on their real customer needs, experience, and innovation. Always maintain the relevance of your brand with the help of Milestone. We are here to assist you with your branding needs!