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Building Brand Story

24 July 20

When creating a brand story, some think of it only as just another element of their brand as a whole. Some might even go with how it is not that essential compared to vision and missions, especially when all that matters is the products or services offered. Milestone as a brand consultant understands the importance of brand story as part of the brand strategy and even marketing plan. In formulating strategies, brand story is among the most essential we develop. The idea of brand story is simple, it is the narrative of how your brand was born and where it is heading to on its course. The reason why this is necessary is the relevance it holds. People relate to people, not to brands. While brands do provide a certain level of experience which people want, they are still just another business. 

However, when a brand has a story to tell and the target audience could see how it is not only an object of money and profits, they would appreciate the brand better. This is as Wendy Connick, a former writer for the Balance Careers and the owner of Tailor Content, a website content provider, and Connick Financial Solutions, a financial consultancy service, explained in her Approaches for Emotional Selling. People mostly buy based partly on emotional connection. And in order for brands to create this connection, they need to engage. Brand story is how we engage. Stories help us to communicate better and this does not only apply to everyday lives but also to business. The basic idea is when your brand tells a story, you involve your audience as part of the experience rather than only as customers. 

By doing so, you create an emotional attachment which strengthen your brand in the long run. This connection is a real asset of your brand. It would set you apart from others and it would help you to sell better. Clearly it is intangible but it is as real as how you understand that your story urges people to make decisions. The Psychological Power of Storytelling written by Pamela B. Rutledge Ph.D., M.B.A describes this as a form of communication which emphasizes collaboration and how we all think in general. It is how we tap into different experiences and become participants of the narrative. That is also how brands could invite people to their cause, well establishing their brand identity.