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Defining Your Brand’s Tone

03 May 21

To set your brand apart, it is crucial to have a unique tone that excellently reflects your brand. Conveying unforgettable messages becomes much more effective when a brand communicates according to its values and builds a connection with its target audience. Thus, as a leading branding agency in Indonesia, Milestone has identified the following measures to developing the perfect brand tonality.

First and foremost, it is vital to ensure that your brand’s values are delivered through its tone. A brand tone of voice helps to maintain the personality and consistency of a brand, establishing it as unique and different from competitors. For example, Harley-Davidson supports its image of masculinity and adventure by using bold and aggressive phrases such as “The meek inherit nothing” and “Live cage-free”. 

Afterwards, with a target audience in mind, bear in mind the words they are more likely to use. Brands aimed at teenagers and young adults often use entertaining and playful words, talking to their target audience as a friend. On the other hand, be clear and direct to attract and communicate with older adults, who seek the right answers for their wants and needs. 

Lastly, choosing the correct vocabulary is essential to remain consistent and memorable. Mark Shaw, a professional copywriter with over 25 years of experience, recommends compiling a word bank and brand dictionary, composed of the words and terms that align with the feelings your brand wishes to engage. By doing so, your brand will have its own distinct, unique, and memorable tone.

Hence, your brand’s tone of voice would be defined as it delivers your brand’s values, resonates with target audiences, and most importantly, uses the right words. As suitable words and phrases are chosen in communicating to an audience, doing the following measures shapes a tone unique like no other.