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Branding Values for Boomers

29 April 24

Baby boomers, the generation born between the 1940s and 1960s, wield immense
purchasing power. In today's competitive market, capturing their attention and fostering
long-term relationships requires a strategic approach to branding. For this generation, trust
and familiarity are crucial when making purchasing decisions. They prioritize quality, clear
communication, and a sense of comfort with the brand.

Familiarity through Digital Use
When Facebook launched, Boomers were in their 40s. This made it a very popular social
media platform for them, and it still is today. GlobalWebIndex in 2020 surveyed 56% of baby
boomers accessed Facebook every day. Mostly used it to connect with friends, families, and
long-lost connections. The platform's simple, easy-to-use interface felt fresh in the early
2000s internet era, as well for Boomers. As social media evolved, Facebook remained the
top choice for Boomers due to its familiarity. Recognizing this, Facebook embraced them in
the fast-changing internet culture by offering upgrades with features resembling other apps.
One of the goals was to give Boomers access so they wouldn't have to switch apps and
navigate unfamiliar territory.

This is a great example of how familiarity can be a core value when branding for Boomers.
Facebook embraced the generation, making it a trusted app with all the ease it offered. In
terms of online marketing and transactions, Facebook also became a popular marketplace
for Boomers to shop online, breaking the stereotype of them being not digitally literate.

Gaining Information in Person
Most Millennials and Gen Z prefer online shopping, often avoiding direct contact. Boomers,
on the other hand, often appreciate a human touch when interacting with brands. According
to TFR News, 84% of the generation choose to visit the store and see the product before
purchasing. They value clear and concise information that can be difficult to absorb through
a mobile screen. Brands that communicate clearly about product features, pricing, and
potential issues provide additional value and build trust.

This aspect is particularly important for products requiring comprehensive consideration
before purchase, such as houses, healthcare tools, or cars. Brands like Toyota excel in
providing a personalized in-person sales experience. Toyota understands the importance of
clear communication. A live representative who can answer questions and address concerns
directly is a perfect assistance for Boomers who are not as comfortable with digital devices.
Toyota sales people take the time to explain features and benefits in detail, ensuring
Boomers feel confident in their purchase decisions. This commitment to clear
communication and personalized service helps build trust with Boomers, who value a
transparent and reliable buying experience.

Emphasize Quality and Reliability
Raised through both manual and digital eras, Boomers have a deep appreciation for quality.
They understand the value of well-made products, especially for health and wellness. As a
primary consideration for their age group, Boomers seek brands that are reliable and offer
trusted quality in the hope of improving their own quality of life.

Sido Muncul, a home-based herbal medicine brand from Indonesia, exemplifies this concept.
Established as a herbal medicine brand in 1951, it grew rapidly with its trusted and proven
efficacy for various health problems. This success is also supported by the fact that
Indonesian spices are known for their health benefits. For Boomers, the strong belief planted
since their youth in traditional or herbal products made Sido Muncul thrive among their
generation. As loyalty is gained, this also helps the brand create a heritage, especially when
expanding the market to younger generations. The support from Boomers as parents,
trusting the products and passing down this trust to their children, is what helps the brand

While all consumer groups are important, understanding the unique values of Boomers
unlocks significant potential. By prioritizing quality, clear communication, and leveraging
familiarity, brands can build lasting trust and loyalty with this influential generation.
Partnering with a branding expert like Milestone can help you refine your strategy and reach
a wider market with confidence. Let’s connect!